Band Member Bios

The Making of Legendary Laughs

The Hillblilly Junction Boys were formed in the fall of 1999 when a “Harvest” Party (Church friendly Halloween party) gave birth to the stylish duo. The theme of the party was the 70’s and since they didn’t really know anything about the 70’s, other than the fact that their pants had to fit really, really tight, they dressed as 70’s cowboys and the movement was begun.

The band originally began with four members: Biff “Bobcat” Rogers, Bud “Catfish” Dickerson, Floyd “The Gambler” Freelove and Ralph “Hipshot” Jones. Bud and Floyd played guitar, Biff played the maracas (empty pill bottles filled with old pills) and Ralph, well Ralph…kept time to the music. All four sang and wrote the original songs, birthday songs for family members and friends who wanted to embarrass their teenage daughters in public places. And how! They played their first two gigs at a restaurant in Chadron, Nebraska with hillarious results. 

Biff and Bud eventually set out on their own with hilarious results. They begin to write original songs to original tunes. Before this they had written birthday songs to familiar tunes, creating original lyrics based on information from friends and family about the lucky birthday sucker. 
They went on to write over 100 original songs, all using humor, their country roots, and the premise that they were hillbillies trapped in tight polyester wrapping. For a taste of some lyrics, songs and “flava” click check out our music.

Vocals, percussion and song writing

The Sideburns Say It All

When he’s not clownin’ on a peep or rockin’ the mic like a vandal he’s kickin’ it with his fools. Biff “Bobcat” Rogers is a full time tour bus manager. This was a skill that would suit him well when he became our original tour bus manager. Along with his other duties of assistant mixer, mic stand assembler, authorized body guard instructor, substitute home ec teacher, fashion consultant, ketchup tester, catsup inspector, public relations manager, tape rewinder, unofficial president of the Sylvester Stalone fan club, and jack of most trades he also finds time to do lead vocals, percussion and song writing.

His ensemble is late 1970’s retro yard sale chic. Notice the piercing gaze, the thought provoking thoughts he must be thinking and what about them sideburns!

Vocals, guitar and song writing

Strike a Chord and a Pose

It’s not what can Bud do for you, but what can you do for your Bud. The “Catfish” as he became known always has a look that’s cool as ice. You wouldn’t know it to look behind those imatation Blue Blockers that he’s really crying inside. He has been an integral part of the band since he took over the job of creative movements director back in 1999. Since then he has been the band’s unauthorized notary public, wildlife photographer, traveling secretary to the head roadie, second key grip in charge of gripping, mic cable inspector, International Olympic Chairperson, expert angler, toe jam collector, certified celebrity impressionist, ring bearer, cigar officianado, tatoo remover, side burn waxer and one heck of a good dancer! On top of all of this he ads wide “flava” to all the tracks with his guitar solos and backup and lead vocals.

The wardrobe is from the mid 1970’s bowling cowboy collection. His hat is a family heirloom and his lips have not been botoxed.

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