Biff “Bobcat” Rogers

The Sideburns Say It All

When he’s not clownin’ on a peep or rockin’ the mic like a vandal he’s kickin’ it with his fools. Biff “Bobcat” Rogers is a full time tour bus manager. This was a skill that would suit him well when he became our original tour bus manager. Along with his other duties of assistant mixer, mic stand assembler, authorized body guard instructor, substitute home ec teacher, fashion consultant, ketchup tester, catsup inspector, public relations manager, tape rewinder, unofficial president of the Sylvester Stalone fan club, and jack of most trades he also finds time to do lead vocals, percussion and song writing. 
His ensemble is late 1970’s retro yard sale chic. Notice the piercing gaze, the thought provoking thoughts he must be thinking and what about them sideburns!